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Product Information

Bobcat 60" 3 Point Tiller



  • Built for easy and efficient soil preparation, the 3-point tiller quickly turns a backyard plot into a soil bed 
  •  Perfect for cultivating, aerating and stirring up soil for gardens, food plots and other tillage needs 
  • Switch between forward or reverse rotation for top-cutting and under-cutting in either direction 
  • Adjustable runners support tilling up to 7 inches deep 
  • Designed to work close to buildings, fences and trees 

Top Tasks 

  • 3-point tiller tears through clumps and loosens soil 
  • Mixes compost, fertilizer, manure and mulch into the soil 
  • Adds amendments to flower beds 
  • Prepares land for planting 
  • Removes weeds between rows 

How It Works 

The tiller is a power-take-off- (PTO) driven implement, so it does not require its own engine or motor. The PTO transfers the power from the compact tractor engine to the tiller. You simply attach the tiller to the 3-point hitch and engage the PTO shaft to the tractor. The tiller tines rotate in the opposite direction as the tires when the tractor is moving forward and cover the tire tracks for a consistent finish, eliminating tiller side-shifting, and reducing the need for more than one pass to complete the work. It is important to know if your tractor offers independent PTO or live PTO when engaging your implement. Please read the owner’s manual thoroughly.