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Price: $18,300.00
Product Information

Steiner 440 Tractor with Kohler 34hp Engine



*field trax, bar, or turf tiress available.


The Steiner 440 4-Wheel Drive Tractor is bolder, better, and more powerful…and yet it retains the compact, highly maneuverable and easily versatile attributes of its predecessor, the Steiner 430 Max. Attachments for the Steiner 430 and 235 Front Wheel Drive tractors are interchangeable with the new Steiner 440.

The Steiner 440 has more engine horsepower, more hydraulic power available for work, more rear attachment capability with an optional category 1 hitch, axles that are twice as strong, and yet is more comfortable with controls that are more accessible and easier to use.

The Steiner 440 has a high power to weight ratio and offers more “Get it Done” Power in a smaller, more versatile machine. The new Steiner 440 is very balanced, so less weight is needed to counter balance front attachments, resulting in less weight on the ground and less compaction.



Steiner tractors may not be in stock. Typically takes 1-2 weeks to come in once ordered.



MSRP $18,300.00

Financing available for local and non local customers!