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2021 Bobcat CT5555 eHST with Loader


Price listed includes a Bobcat 60 month (2000 hour) Bobcat protection plus extended warranty. If you would like to opt out of that warranty there will be a $1300 savings.


Price listed will qualify for Bobcat's LOW RATE financing, If their financing is not used the machine will qualify for a instant cash sale rebate. 



2020 Bobcat® Compact Tractors CT5555

The Bobcat® 55-hp CT5555 combines power, comfort and outstanding versatility for work around your farm and property. This compact tractor is fully equipped for easy operation and implement use to help you do more, do it faster and do it better. With a deluxe factory-installed tractor cab, you can work in comfort whether you are blowing snow in frigid temperatures or mowing, brush clearing, or handling other grounds keeping in the heat and humidity. The electronic hydrostatic transmission offers simplicity and ease of direction changes plus near-effortless input on the travel pedal. When you need it all, this compact tractor delivers.

Features may include:


Loaded with comfort features so you can spend all day out there doing what you love.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

Some days, you want to keep working until you’ve checked everything off your to-do list. A comfortable seat helps you stay in the tractor longer without feeling beat up at the end of the day.

The deluxe suspension seat, available on select Bobcat® compact tractors, absorbs the vibration and bumps you experience on the job, maximizing your comfort. It’s fully adjustable to accommodate every operator and includes a foldable armrest on the right-hand side for extra comfort and support when you need it. So go ahead, finish the mowing, clean out the barn, plant a few more trees or clear out one more pasture. You’ll be comfortable no matter how long you stay out there.

Operator-friendly Controls

Bobcat® compact tractors are designed to be easy to use with controls that help you do more work with less effort. Intuitive control levers are easy to use, and extras like power steering, cruise control and more help you operate the tractor and implements with confidence.

Work Lights

Work lights on Bobcat® compact tractors give you the visibility you need to keep going. Bright headlights illuminate the work in front of you, giving you high visibility in low light conditions. The LED tail lamp with a long bulb life makes sure you’re seen from behind as you travel around your acreage, trails or back roads.

Deluxe Enclosed Cab

Climb in the factory-installed enclosed cab, close the door and enjoy maximum comfort whether you’re mowing in the heat of summer or moving snow on a cold winter morning. Heat, air conditioning, panoramic visibility and other creature comforts come standard with the radio-ready cab.

True Cruise Control

Bobcat® electronic hydrostatic transmission (E-HST) tractors have got you covered, thanks to the true electronic cruise control feature that maintains a constant travel speed without travel-pedal input from you. Now you can plow through the project and make it look easy.

Premium Comfort

When you’re comfortable, long days and a long list of projects are no problem. Bobcat® compact tractors are loaded with comfort features and easy-to-use controls so you can put in as many hours as you want to and not feel it the next day. Look for standard features, including ergonomic controls, suspension seat and low-noise, low-vibration engines, plus extras that make these machines easy to use and easy to enjoy.


The power and functionality to help you manage all the projects around your property.

Turbo-Charged Performance

Select models are equipped with a turbo-charger that delivers consistently high performance and impressive low-end torque that never relents in higher altitudes.



Emissions Tier 4
Engine Power 55 hp (41.01 kW) | Gross: 55 hp (41.01 kW)
Displacement 111 in³ (1,826 cm³)
Cylinder Liners 3
Engine Model: 3FT-TH4-U
Rated Engine Speed 2600 rpm


PTO Type Rear System: Independent
Rear PTO Speed 540 rpm
PTO Power, Rated Engine Speed 43.1 hp (32.14 kW) | Mid: 2000 rpm


Transmission Type: Infinite, 3 Range Hydrostatic (Servo control valve with Electric sol.)


Brake System Type Wet Multi Disc

Wheels & Tires

Tires, Front Specification AG.(TURF, INDUSTRIAL) '9.5-16(29-12.5-15, 10-16.5
Tires, Rear Specification AG.(TURF, INDUSTRIAL) '13.6-28(21.5L-16.1, 17.5-24)


Operating Speed Travel: 17.5 mph (28.16 km/h) | Travel - Reverse: 17.5 mph (28.2 km/h)


Hydraulic Flow Implement: 14 gal/min (53 l/min) | Total: 17.8 gal/min (67.38 l/min) | Steering: 12 gal/min (45.42 l/min)


Length 139.6 in (3546 mm)
Width 75 in (1885 mm) | Bucket: 6' 0" (1,829 mm)
Height 94.2 in (2393 mm)
Ground Clearance 13 in (330 mm)
Turning Radius 9' 9" (2,987 mm)
Wheelbase 6' 3" (1,920 mm)
Lift Height Loader: 9' 1" (2,769 mm)


Hitch Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point: 3,177 lb (1,441 kg) | @ 500mm ahead of bkt pivot: 2,346 lb (1,064 kg)
Fuel Capacity Tank: 14.8 gal (56.02 l)


Weight Operating: 4,685 lb (2,125 kg)


Features 3-Point Hitch: Category 2 | 3-pt Lift Control Type: Position with Draft Control