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Husqvarna Z560 Yamaha


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Features for the Husqvarna Z560 - Yamaha


  • Yamaha Commercial Engine:Powered by a commercial grade Yamaha MX825V engine with 27.5 HP.
  • Premium Seat:Heavily bolstered cushions provide all day comfort for the operator.
  • Automatic Parking Brake:Parking brake is automatically engaged and disengaged as the steering levers are moved out or in.
  • Large Fuel Tank:Carries up to 12 gallons of fuel, allowing you to mow for longer.
  • LED Fuel Gauge:Easily read how much fuel you have left and receive warnings when low on fuel.
  • 10-Gauge Fabricated Cutting Deck:Efficiently designed and featuring heavy duty cutting blades for a fast, high quality cut.
  • Height Adjustment:Quickly and conveniently adjust the height of cut with an easily accessible foot pedal.
  • Roll Over Protection System:Easily folds up and down and provides protection in the event of a rollover.