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2023 Bobcat CT4055 SST Tractor with Loader


Price listed will qualify for Bobcat's LOW RATE financing, If their financing is not used the machine will qualify for a instant cash sale rebate. 


Model Year
CT4055 SST
Model Code

Bobcat FL9 Loader

Loader weight: 1202 lbs
Height (to pin): 105 inches
Clearance, dumped bucket: 77 inches
Dump reach: 11 inches
Dump angle: 51°
Clearance, level bucket: 95 inches
Reach at ground: 68 inches
Rollback angle: 36°
Breakout force (at 500mm): 3938 lbs
Lift to full height (at pin): 2033 lbs
Bucket width: 66 inches


4WD Drive System
Transmission Type
Manual 8x8 synchro
Wet multi disc
Travel Speed

17.5 mph

Reverse - 17 mph


Front size - Industrial (AG, Turf) 10-16.5 (8-16, 29 x 12.5-15)

Rear size - Industrial (AG, Turf) 17.5-24 (13.6-24, 44 x 18-20)

Engine Type

Emissions Tier (EPA) - Tier 4

RPM - 2,750

Gross Horsepower
50.3 hp
Engine Model
111 in³
Fuel Tank Capacity
11.9 gal.
Hydraulic System

Implement hydraulic flow - 9.62 gal. / min.

Total hydraulic flow - 14.1 gal. / min.

Steering hydraulic flow - 4.94 gal. / min.

97.4 in.
125.5 in.
5 ft. 11 in.
Operating - 3,745 lb.
Turning Radius
8 ft. 7 in.
70 in.
Ground Clearance
15.3 in.
Power Take-Off

Rear system - Independent

Rear - 540 rpm

Mid - 2,000 rpm

PTO Horsepower
49.6 hp
3-Point - Category 1
Lift Capacity

3-pt lift control type - Hydraulic position control system

At 24 in. behind lift point - 2,716 lb.




ATTACHMENT VERSATILITY: Bobcat provides you access to a world of implements and attachments – so you can get the most work from your tractor investment. Whether it’s moving snow, installing a fence or taking care of animals, when you have the right tractor and the right implement or attachment, there is virtually no task that’s beyond your ability.
DELUXE SUSPENSION SEAT: Some days, you want to keep working until you’ve checked everything off your to-do list. A comfortable seat helps you stay in the tractor longer without feeling beat up at the end of the day. The deluxe suspension seat, available on select Bobcat® compact tractors, absorbs the vibration and bumps you experience on the job, maximizing your comfort. It’s fully adjustable to accommodate every operator and includes a foldable armrest on the right-hand side for extra comfort and support when you need it. So go ahead, finish the mowing, clean out the barn, plant a few more trees or clear out one more pasture. You’ll be comfortable no matter how long you stay out there.
OPERATOR-FRIENDLY CONTROLS: Bobcat® compact tractors are designed to be easy to use with controls that help you do more work with less effort. Intuitive control levers are easy to use, and extras like power steering, cruise control and more help you operate the tractor and implements with confidence. Bobcat® compact tractors are designed to be simple to operate, even for people without a lot of equipment experience. A variety of control features, available on select models, help you complete a day’s worth of tasks with less effort. Intuitive control levers make it easier and more enjoyable to do more with your compact tractor. You can match torque to the task with the HST range selector lever, moving effortlessly between high and low ranges. You can also adjust mid-mount mower cutting height via a simple lever control on select models. Rear and mid PTO levers enable you to engage or disengage the PTOs separately or together.
POWER STEERING: Tractor models with power steering provide nearly effortless maneuverability and automotive-style comfort to your tractor’s operation. Select models offer the steering wheel tilt, enabling any operator to adjust to the position that feels most comfortable.
EXTERNAL 3-POINT CONTROL LEVER: A 3-point control lever makes hooking up tractor implements easier, allowing you to easily raise and lower lift arms.
HYDRAULIC PUMP: A hydraulic pump allows smooth, easy control in heavy-duty work – so you can do the job with minimal effort.
TURBO-CHARGED PERFORMANCE: Select models are equipped with a turbo-charger that delivers consistently high performance and impressive low-end torque that never relents in higher altitudes.
MANUAL SYNCHRO SHUTTLE TRANSMISSION: Features shift-on-the-fly functionality that is the most similar to a stick-shift automobile.
INDEPENDENT PTO: Independent power take-off (PTO) allows you to simply flip a switch to engage or disengage the PTO without stopping the tractor or using the clutch. This comes in handy for tasks that require frequent stopping and restarting of your implement, including moving from one hole to the next as you use the auger.
POWER TAKE-OFF (PTO): Till your garden and plant a spring food plot. Clear weeds from the ditches and pastures. Dig holes for fence posts or trees in all types of soil conditions. Mow your acreage in an afternoon. You can do it all with power take-off (PTO). Rear PTO is standard on all Bobcat® compact tractors, and mid PTO is standard on select models and optional on all other models except on 4000 Platform models with a manual transmission. PTO coupled with the 3-point hitch allows you to operate numerous implements with ease.
LEAD DRAWBAR TOWING: Bobcat® compact tractors deliver leading drawbar towing power and force for heavy towing performance that beats many other tractor brands. The hitch is adjustable to provide towing flexibility and convenience.
THREE-POINT HITCH: The three-point hitch transforms your Bobcat® tractor into a do-it-all machine to mow, till, grade a driveway, rake debris and weeds, move snow, and more. It’s compatible with all Category 1 implements and includes features that make it easy to hook up implements.
TIRE OPTIONS: Different jobs require different tires to ensure you're getting the best performance from your tractor. Bobcat offers three tire options to match the work you do, whether it's towing heavy loads and pulling implements, working on lawns, or working in a variety of ground conditions and applications that require more traction.
MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY: Every day brings a new challenge on the farm or acreage. Bobcat® compact tractors offer maximum maneuverability to take on those challenges. Whether you need high clearance to get through rough terrain, four-wheel drive for extra traction or a tight turning radius to work around obstacles, you'll find the performance you need to get to the work.
FOLDABLE ROLL OVER PROTECTIVE STRUCTURE (ROPS): A ROPS, standard on all non-cab models, is designed to protect the operator in the event of a rollover (when the ROPS is locked in the up position and the seatbelt is fastened). The foldable ROPS can be temporarily lowered when driving under trees, into garages or in other low-clearance areas.
INDUSTRY - LEADING LIFT CAPACITY: Count on excellent lift capacities to increase your implement capabilities and improve your performance. Many Bobcat® tractors offer the highest 3-point hitch lift capacity in their size.
EASY, ONE-SIDE ENGINE MAINTENANCE: Regular maintenance is a big part of keeping your property looking its best – and key to keeping your Bobcat® compact tractor running at peak performance. An accessible engine compartment makes it easy to keep up on daily maintenance. All daily checks, engine fluid fills and filters are located on one side of the engine, making it easy to keep your tractor running smoothly with minimal effort.
ONE-PIECE ENGINE HOOD WITH AIR CYLINDER ASSIST: There are no side panels to remove when accessing the engine compartment. It’s quick and easy. The hood is easy to lift thanks to the air cylinder assist. This best-in-class maintenance accessibility means virtually all of the major service points are easy to see and easy to reach.
ALL-IN-ONE FUSE AND RELAY BOX: A centralized location for fuses and relays simplifies the need to replace fuses or troubleshoot electronics.
BOBCAT DEALER NETWORK: Bobcat has built its brand on quality equipment – serviced by reliable dealers who provide local access to authorized service, warranty repairs and parts availability that’s second to none. With the help of our knowledgeable dealers, our customers have kept machines running for decades doing the toughest jobs imaginable. If you’re looking for long-term service and support, you’re looking at the right company.
24-MONTH, 1,500-HOUR WARRANTY: Bobcat stands behind your tractor with a strong warranty. Our standard warranty provides 24 months of coverage from defects in material and workmanship or 1,500 hours of usage (whichever occurs first).
MACHINE PROTECTION: Whether you're clearing tall weeds and brush, plowing through snow to clear driveways, or scooping manure or mulch to move it out of the way, Bobcat® compact tractors offer features that protect your machine as it makes quick work of the toughest of tasks.
STAGE V DIESEL ENGINE: Powerful Stage V engines offer robust, high-power performance with an efficient fuel system. You’ll enjoy reliable tractor start-ups and long component life, as well as low noise and vibration for comfortable work.